2013 Ole Miss Football Schedule Printable

Click here for the downloadable PDF version.

Click below for the downloadable PDF version.

Hotty Toddy! Here’s another printable. CLICK HERE for the downloadable PDF of the 2013 Ole Miss football schedule pictured above.  And there’s more where that came from! Click here for the Alabama version.  Enjoy!


21 Gameday Worthy Dresses Under $21

Check out these wallet-friendly dresses that would be great additions to any student’s gameday wardrobe.

cheap gameday dresses

Florida Gators Gameday

1. Florida Gators Gameday only $15

Georgia gameday $18

2. Georgia gameday $18

Auburn gameday dress $15

3. Auburn gameday dress $15

Pair with a red necklace for UGA gameday $15

4. Pair with a red necklace for UGA gameday $15

VOLS gameday $20

5. Vols or Auburn gameday $20

Georgia gameday $10

6. Georgia gameday $10

Pair with navy for Auburn gameday, or blue for Gators gameday or VOLS can wear this as-is $15

7. Pair with navy for Auburn gameday, or blue for Gators gameday or VOLS can wear this as-is $15

Take your pick. Or for only $15 get all three!

8. Take your pick. Or for only $15 get all three!

UNC gameday $20

9. UNC gameday $20

$20 Auburn, Ole Miss or Georgia Tech gameday

10. $20 Auburn, Ole Miss or Georgia Tech gameday

Gators gameday

11. Gators gameday

For $20 you can represent LSU in the gold or purple or Auburn in the navy

12. For $20 you can represent LSU in the gold or purple or Auburn in the navy

FSU gameday $21

13. FSU gameday $21 (BONUS: if you sign up for their newsletter you get 15% off your purchase)


14. UNC gameday $13

$10 Vols, Gators or Auburn gameday

15. $10 Vols, Gators or Auburn gameday


16. $15 pair with purple accessories for LSU gameday or navy for Georgia Tech

FSU or Alabama gameday

17. FSU or Alabama gameday $18



18. LSU purple $17.70



19. Georgia gameday $19.50



20. Clemson, Auburn, Vols or Florida gameday $19.50



21. Georgia gameday $19.50

Dress #16 is my favorite. Which is your favorite?

5 Tips for Healthy Tailgating

healthy tailgating tips

Photo Credit: Sister72 / Foter.com / CC BY

We all work so hard in the early months of the year to shed those extra pounds in time for Summer…then Fall rolls around and the beer, chicken wings and tasty dips of football season cause us to loosen our belts. Let me set the record straight…I’m all for life’s edible indulgences but to use to cliché term; it’s all about “moderation”.

Here are 5 tips for healthy tailgating this Fall:

1. If beer is a must for you then go for the light version, like Bud Select 55. This beer has only 55 calories and scored very well in the Women’s Health Magazine review on light beers. Most domestic beers come in a light version, so opt for that when you know you’ll be drinking throughout the day.

2. Bring some healthy recipe options to the tailgate. And no…I’m not talking cauliflower and tofu. Try one of these delicious recipe options from SkinnyTaste.com (bookmark this site for tons of awesome recipes): Hot Spinach and artichoke dip, Skinny Buffalo Chicken Potato Skins or Skinny Buffalo Chicken Dip.  No time for cooking before you hit the tailgate? At least throw a few prepackaged choices like 100-calorie packs (in the snack aisle of your grocery store) in your purse to add to your snacks throughout the day. If you’re hosting the tailgate offer turkey burgers, veggie trays or fruits as an alternative for those watching their weight.

3. Be sure to fill up on water before heading out to the tailgate if you plan to sip on alcoholic drinks all day. If possible, alternate between alcoholic beverages and non. Trust me, you’ll thank me on Sunday morning when you’re hangover-free.

4. Eat a healthy, hearty breakfast on gameday. This should keep you full for a while and at least you’ll be able to get some fruits and veggies in for the day. You’ll never run out of ideas if you read this great blog post over at the blog Six Sisters Stuff on 35 Healthy Breakfast Recipes!

5. Okay, so if you are not into preparing something more healthy, you skipped breakfast or you hate light beer then at least limit how much you eat on gameday. Download one of the many free apps (like, My Fitness Pal) and enter your intake into your smart phone as you go. This way you can easily see and track what you are eating. This should help you to not go overboard.

What are YOUR tips for staying healthy during football season?

My Visit to Auburn, AL

Recently, I made the short trek from the Atlanta suburbs to Auburn, AL (<2 hours drive) for a speaking engagement at the Auburn University Conference Center. This was my first visit to the quaint college town, so I was excited to visit (albeit only for a few hours). The time change from EST to CST gave me an extra hour before my presentation to take a quick stroll in downtown. The super cute shops all boasting orange and navy called my name with eye-catching jewelry, t-shirts, dresses and event cupcakes (GiGi’s Cupcakes). I picked up a new statement necklace in black and a few other small pieces from Auburn Art. I also wanted to take this opportunity to try the famous  Toomer’s Lemonade from Toomer’s Drugs. One of my girlfriends, an Auburn alum, insisted that I try it. I give it two thumbs up!

Here are a few pics from my walk in downtown Auburn.